Space Emulation Art Label from Spatial ElectroAcoustics Laboratory


Space Emulation Art Label from Spatial ElectroAcoustics Laboratory is the interdisciplinary multimedia project dedicated to the creation and preservation of audiovisual spaces. The SEAL×2 combines the distribution model of the musical netlabel and the most recent digital advances in web-XR technologies and auralization techniques. The main goal of the project is the creation of the new format of presentation for the space-based media artworks such as multichannel sound installations, acousmatic pieces, sculptures and architectural compositions, which are depend on space and inaccessible to wide audience especially during the period of self-isolation and social distancing. Each published work is a public virtual space that offers a shared listening and is accessible online from any kind of device. The project was created with the support of Pro Helvetia Moscow - Swiss Arts Council. For the best listening experience please use the Mozilla Firefox browser.


The SEAL project was started in 2013 on the basis of the St. Petersburg Experimental Sound Gallery by art director of ESG-21 Andrey Popovsky and sound engineer Boris Shershenkov under the name of Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music (LEMESG). The aim of the project was to give the opportunity for composers and improvisational musicians to work with multi-channel systems and spatial sound in various versions of their creative rethinking. During the last several years SEAL organized numerous live multichannel audio performances, concerts of spatial electroacoustic music, presentations of acousmatic compositions and sound installations by Russian and foreign musicians and sound artists. The events under the auspices of Laboratory were held at the ESG-21 / Sound Museum, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Art.ITMO.Residency (Saint-Petersburg), Electromuseum (Moscow), Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok) and other venues, including collaborative projects with SA)) _ gallery (Moscow), Virtual Sound Gallery and Floating Sound Gallery (Saint-Petersburg).


Concept and coordination: Boris Shershenkov Technical realization and support: Vadim Smakhtin, Polina Shershenkova Virtual architecture: Daria Smakhtina